girl looking at her bike chain slipped off, wondering how to put bike chain back on

How to Put a Bike Chain Back On in 4 Easy Steps?

Bike chain slipping is something that every cyclist has to experience at some stage. If not today, maybe tomorrow, maybe the day after tomorrow, we do not know when but the bike chain will come off the chainring in the middle of a ride. It’s inevitable.

Therefore, you—no matter if you are cycling regularly, over the weekends, or once in a blue moon—should know how to put a bike chain back on. Otherwise, you will have to walk your bike home or to a nearby bike mechanic shop.

Bike chain Slipping

Did your bike chain come off in the middle of a ride? Do you not know how to put a bike chain back on? Is this the first time that your bike chain has come off the chainring?

You must be pretty mad at your bike chain that it has put an end to your adventurous ride down the hill. Well, do not be mad. Bike chain slipping or coming off the chainring does not have to be the end of your adventurous ride—you can easily put the bike chain back on the chainring and continue your adventurous ride.

Putting a bike chain back on the chainring might look like a daunting task to you, especially if you have never fixed a bike chain before. But believe us putting a bike chain back on is easy-peasy.

Just get your hands dirty and you’ll know exactly how to put a bike chain back on.

Don’t want to get your hand dirty? Here’s a free tip for you.

Wear a pair of gloves if you do not want to get your hands dirty while putting the bike chain back on.

How to Put a Bike Chain Back On?

Bike chain coming off the chain ring in the middle of a bike ride is nothing more than a nuisance if you know how to put a bike chain back on but if you have no idea how to fix a bike chain, you are done for—you will have to walk the bike to some nearby mechanic shop or home.

That’s one option but you can also try to learn how to put a bike chain back on yourself.

Fret no, we are not leaving you all high and dry. We are going to guide you with simple steps on how to put a bike chain back on.

So, without further ado, let’s pedal to it.

Oh sorry! I forgot your bike chain has come off the chainring, you can’t pedal.

Well, let’s stop fooling around and get you pedaling.

Here is how to put a bike chain back on in 6 easy steps:

1. Finding the slippage

Oftentimes, bike chain come off the chainring while you are riding bike. If this happens, you should get off your bike. Instead of getting mad at the bike chain slippage, you should instead be thankful that it only slipped and not broke—slippage is way easier to fix.

  • Locate where the bike chain has been become jammed—without freeing these chain jams, we cannot begin the process of putting the bike chain back on.
  • Find the slippage point or jam and put the chain back onto the sprocket and rotate the pedal slowly to complete the cycle until chain is perfectly seated onto the chainring.
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2. Freeing the Jam Using Quick Release

If you are lucky, you will be pedaling and enjoying your ride after the first step but if it’s not yur lucky day, you are most probably dealing with a seriously jammed chain. Slipped bike chain is mostly jammed between the bike frame and sprocket. So, if your bike chain seems to be jammed like this, you should use quick release to free it, instead of pulling.

  • Pull the small quick release lever and loosen the wheel nut on the other side. When it is lose enough, simply pull the chain, it will be freed easily.
  • Before continuing your ride, you should make sure that the quick release is fairly tightened—if it’s too loose, tighten it a bit and if it feels too tight, loosen the wheel nut and try again.
Before putting the chain back on the chainring, carefully inspect if the bike chain is worn out, damaged, or broken. Moreover, ensure that none of chain plate or any other component is lose, otherwise, it might get jammed again, sooner rather than later.

3. Put the Chain Back on the Chainring

Now that you have freed the jammed chain and made sure that chain is fine for your next ride, you can thread it back to its original position using your bike pedal.

  • Simply pedal forward your bike carefully at a gradual speed and you will notice the bike chain coming to its right place where the slipping had occurred.
  • If it seems not to working, you should change gear gradually until the chain slips back to its right place. If the chain gets to its right place, you will feel the pedaling getting smooth.

4. Final Checks

Before you resume your ride, you need to make sure that the bike chain is not making any sounds as you shift gears. you should try shifting gears on front as well as back derailleurs. You should make sure that you are riding in your comfortable gear and bike chain produces no odd sound as you shift gears.

How to Put Bike Chain Back on Bikes Without Derailleur?

Putting bike chain back on a bike without derailleurs such as fixies is quite easier than bike with derailleur. Here I show you can put bike chain back on single-speed bikes in 5 easy steps:

  • Get the chain off the front sprocket first.
  • Put the chain back on the rear sprocket, completely.
  • Now hook as much of the chain as much you easily can on the top of the front sprocket.
  • Now lift the bike in such a way that its rear wheel is in the air (you may get a helper or put the bike on the stand) and carefully turn the pedal backward.
  • The chain will begin turning around onto the front sprocket and after a cycle will be normally running through the bike gears. 
If you have neither a helper nor a bike stands to lift the rear tire, you can put your bike upside down on the ground. If you are worried about your bike saddle and handlebar getting damaged, you can do the whole process with your bike standing upright and then elevating rear wheel with one hand and turn pedal with the other.